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The Miseducation of Nutritional Science

Covid emerged, exposing and disrupting all kinds of systems, especially that of the human body. A pandemic ignited an awakening of exploration and awareness.

Story by C. Randolph

Hello, Human Being, Super Star! This is a legendary love story, and the category is BODY! Are you aware of how magnificent it is to be human? Take a second to connect and celebrate the manifestation and wonder of just being a creative of BODY. GET INTO IT! The entire creation of the body is rooted in purpose and protection. Such immaculate texture, curves, lines, details, delicately finished with such perfect sun-kissed tones. Some exquisite shit. Packaged with Intention & Purpose. Labeled- Fragile, Handle with Care. Take the simple eyebrows; for instance, the purpose is to protect eyesight, but did you know eyebrows can communicate signs of stress? For those without brows, you might have eyelashes that serve a similar purpose. The body of an organism is complete with so many recovery tactics and backups that we may never discover but be confident they're there. It's always ahead of the game, creating new codes every day—a personal cellular system. Much like stars in the solar system, every body is uniquely designed, yet every body has a similar setup. I mean, we all look alike, don't we? I believe this is what's meant by "we are all created equally, "…I think.

Pt. 1- Intro

Like all living organisms in nature, there are levels to its body. Creator took its time and at the right moment, from smallest to most extensive, the six (6) levels of organization of the human body: chemical, cellular, tissue, organ, system, and organismal collaborated and organized a creation called organism encased in a BODY (Derrickson & Tortora, 2015). Sexy. The body is a collaborative masterpiece of chemicals and the cellular system. The gelling together of chemicals and cellular systems (like wiring) of each body makes up the unique qualities, making each body different. It's like two fly ass perfect individuals (chemicals) found each other and came together for a fucking great time-the purpose of creating cellular systems, so much better than the iPhone XXX. Legacy. The cells magnificently designed organs and then arranged each one of them delicately into luxurious boxes called systems, and when all systems metabolize, it gives BODY (organism). There are eleven (11) principal systems of the body- integumentary system, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic and immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, and reproductive system (Derrickson & Tortora, 2015).

Every organ in each body system is made up of chemicals and cells and is constantly working together to maintain health, protect it from disease, conduct life cycle processes, and maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is the peace and harmony of the systems. Look at that; peace and harmony are naturally finding their way together in the body. In DJ Khaled's voice, "I call it a Chandelier." Shining. Indeed, a work of art. One of ones all around.

Bravo to the Creator. In my Law Roach voice, "IT DID WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE."

This in-body experience is so individual; even twins still have a different body. This particular experience begins in the womb and continues once a human body pops out. It's so natural and dope that the only help it asks for is supposed to come from more of itself, natural nutrients, and water. In this story, the organism is a human being super star, J. Doe.

Pt. 2 Lost One

New Environment. A whole new world. Once the body is living outside of its systems, it's like fucking Star Wars. The body is so damn clever. It is prepared for living outside. Innate Wisdom. What was once just a cellular system is an organism called J. Doe, who isn't even aware it's in a body. The stakes are high, the body knowledgeable and ready to respond, but J is entirely oblivious. This, too, is a form of protection. So much energy coming at the body- lights, screaming, grabbing, touching, cutting, DAMN. Chaos. Adaption kicks in, J becomes a product of its immediate environment and just starts screaming?! Unknowingly to J, here comes judgment, is it a girl or a boy, does it have hair or bald, is it cute or not? Sheesh, the pressure. It’s like a press conference of questions. All these labels are placed on the body before J is even aware that it’s a body. But because the growth process is gradual, the body and J get acquainted. This sounds like some sci-fi shit, but at some point, a separation between the systems and J is introduced, and J will have to work backward to discover the systems in the body. Yet, at this point, J isn’t aware of its name. Yet, just like while inside of the body, J’s body requires nutrients to survive in any environment supplied by nutrition and water. Lost One.

"It’s funny how money change a situation."

The Nutrition System. Real. Plant-Based. Ingredients. An optimal performing body requires nutrients and water to survive a life cycle. “Nutrients are chemical substances in food that body cells use for growth, maintenance, and repair (Derrickson & Tortora, 2015).” The six primary nutrients are carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, water, minerals, and vitamins. Some of these naturally occur in the body, and others are naturally occurring in nature. “Chemicals in the body are divided into two main classes of compounds- inorganic (water, salts, acids, and bases) and organic (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (Derrickson & Tortora, 2015).” The four essential chemical substances are commonly known as macronutrients- Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins & Water (Derrickson & Tortora, 2015). Carbohydrates and Lipids supply a body with the chemical elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Protein provides the body with chemical elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes sulfur and phosphorus. The primary chemical elements that formed the cell are Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, & Nitrogen. The basics of the Nutrition System- Carbohydrates as vegetables, fruits, tubers, squash, grains, & legumes. Lipids are fats like Omega 3, 6, 9, and saturated fats (oils). Protein sources are seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, and legumes (Nutritional Therapy Association, Macronutrient Guidelines). If these are appropriately selected, they are appropriately utilized by the cellular system.


The Food System. A system that can drive the body "crazy." In honor of rehashing history. Believe it or not, societies were essentially free from many of the chronic diseases that are widespread today. Six historical experiences led to how we eat today- Agriculture (10,000 BC), The Introduction of Refined Sugar (the 1600s), The Industrial Revolution (mid-1800s-1900s), The Rise of Big Food (late 1800s-early 1900s), The Chemical Revolution (mid-1940s/WWI), The Digital Revolution (1970s-present) (Nutritional Therapy Association, Evolution of the Modern Diet). The history of the food system matters because it matches the evolution of the body and its present-day condition. Each one of these milestones introduced the body to all sorts of chemicals. The Food System and the Nutrition System collided, and spontaneous combustion started happening to the body.

Every body's macronutrient ratio requirement is unique to the performance requirements of that individual body throughout a 24hr cycle. That is how specific intake of these macronutrients can get. This process includes calories because calories are simply the chemicals within the food itself. A calorie is a unit of energy. You see, food was/is also a living organism. Animal or Plant-Based. It's the circle of life experience. For the sake of community, an optimal average macronutrient range looks like 22-40% Carbohydrate Caloric Range, 25-60% Lipid Caloric Range, and 19-35% Protein Caloric Range (Nutritional Therapy Association, Macronutrient Guidelines).

The substance enters the body for a mechanical and chemicalized breakdown to feed the cells. The cells transport the chemicals across each other to maintain the appropriate environment for regular cellular activity. It's like your cells are playing a perfect tennis game inside of your body all day, every day.

If macronutrients are authentic, these are correctly absorbed and correctly utilized by the cells. If manipulated, macronutrient absorption may not happen, and the cells wonder what the hell it is and if it is functional. If cells can distinguish, the substance may absorb, reach its proper destination or leave the body during the waste period. If the cells cannot distinguish, the substance may take the wrong path, in those cases, carbohydrates ferment (alcohol or acid), proteins putrefy (decay or rot), and lipids rancidify (old or stale like mold). Can you imagine mold in the body? Would you eat molded bread? Some common manipulated or flawed carbohydrates include white bread, white flour, and refined sugar (white or brown). As the shelf-life of food increases, nutrient density decreases. The side effects of this show up in a whisper-like voice communicating signs and symptoms in different body systems. The body does not swell to the point of obesity after one piece of cake. Regardless of what may have been happening in outer experiences, a body requires the same macronutrients.

Miscommunication lead to complication.

The cell system and the food system are in a committed and unavoidable relationship. The cell system is about a delicate balance of chemicals. As stated, food breaks down into chemicals that feed the body's nearly 100 trillion cells. Cells play a critical role in every part of the body and human experience, whether in or out of the body. Every body has its own set of cells, which makes the human experience very unique. A significant impact on cellular life is the chemicals it receives. Once cells receive the chemicals, they start communicating inside the body, and the body begins communicating with you. What do I mean? The jerk while going to sleep, the clenching or grinding of teeth, troubled thoughts in the mind, cramps, allergies, unwanted weight gain or loss, hair loss, chipped nails, and more. These minor signs and symptoms are your cells talking to your organs and your organs talking to the body. Unheard, the cells create a high-pitched scream in the body, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and more. You can't change what you don't know. The cell system, our innate GPS, even when we are lost, it's always aiming to guide us back to homeostasis or balance.

"Emancipation don't fit your equation."

Dr. Sebi & Henrietta Lacks was on the humble. Though much has changed over the last 40,000 years, our cells remain the same. The honorable Dr. Sebi had been explaining this to us all along. Every organ inside the body- the brain, the gut, the heart, the mind, sex organs, and all, begins at a chemical and cellular level. All cells arise from existing cells by the process of cell division. Similar to reproduction, one cell divides itself into two new cells; it's called mitosis. Have you ever heard the story of Henrietta Lacks? If not, consider this a cliff note of a story about greatness and greed. She was a woman in a black body whose cancer cells were immortalized by Johns Hopkins after discovering that they could be divided multiple times without dying. MAGIC. If you don't like to read, google the film and watch it. Even in death, her cells are still one of the most critical cells for medical research today. WILD. The cellular research her body provided changed systems for perpetuity. Per Law, "THEY DID WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE!"

"Not a game new under the sun."

In a New York Times Magazine Op Piece, "Understanding Ourselves," Deepak Chopra, an expert in the field of wellbeing, declared, "The mind-body connection is another thing I never heard about in medical school, but there's some likelihood that it has filtered, however slowly, into current medical education. This is long past due. Decades of research show that thoughts, feelings, and sensations are communicated from the brain to cells throughout the body. If every cell participates in your mental life, there's no reason not to join mind and body into one system: the body-mind. When you feel sick at heart or breathless with wonder, your heart and lungs share those feelings. The only difference is that they speak in the language of messenger molecules coursing through the bloodstream."

Hey guys, just because you recently discovered something doesn't mean it didn't exist all along. It's giving tall tales. There's always been one mind, one body, one individual, and cells have always been a part of that process. Poppin like you got game. Welcome to the awakening.

Everything you did has already been done.

The miseducated, educated. And when you’re in a black body, shittttttt you gotta tell somebody about The Bluprint. We all gotta eat!


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