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It's Personal!

The Program for Self-Care and Self-Empowerment 

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an african american woman rejecting the status quo and unapologetically embracing her softness, beauty, and indulging in self care free from guilt

the program mantra

 i Am

My Healing

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Your OWN Wisdom is Your Best Mediator


How would you feel about a health plan that was bespoke to your individual needs and preferences? What is your understanding of the profound impact that nutrition has on our physical, mental, and emotional development? SELF-ish is a personalized program that will help you tap into your own autonomy and personal empowerment. 

Everyone is unique and has their own unique set of needs. I believe that the mind and body are inextricably linked and that you are the only one who truly knows what is best for your physical, emotional, and mental health. 

I provide flexible, individual, and personalized nutritional planning and lifestyle coaching based on nutritional deficiencies, goals, and pleasure. 

I investigate the root causes of your health problems, not just the symptoms. I help you to harness the power of your own body to heal itself by addressing the root cause of your nutritional deficiencies on a cellular level. Together, we explore the foundations of health including a whole and nutrient-dense food eating pattern, lifestyle choices, culinary wellness, and social and personal influences on health. 

I guide you in creating solutions and learning how to recognize internal and physical cues such as hunger, fullness, taste, cravings, guilt, inner critic, confidence, and body comfort. 

Together, we build a lifestyle and eating pattern that is bespoke to your desires.

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nutritionist enthusiastic about the culinary wellness and benefits of leafy green vegetables
the logo for the nutritional therapy program, self-ish, offered by functional nutritional therapy practitioner, chanti randolph encompassing togetherness in nutritional therapy, lifestyle coaching, culinary wellness and mindfulness training.

Nutritional Therapy: I use a root-cause approach to health and help you create flexible and bespoke eating plans, supplementation, and grocery lists that meet your individual needs and preferences and support your goals. Plans may include fresh and organic cold-pressed juices with/out herbal supplementation.

Lifestyle Coaching: How do you style your life? I coach and assist you in making changes to your lifestyle and thought patterns, such as increasing your physical activity or ways to reduce stress. 

Culinary Wellness: I teach you how to create healthy and delicious recipes that you'll actually enjoy and purchase culinary products that support optimal living and results. 

Mindfulness Training: I teach you how to practice mindfulness, which can help you reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

iAm Offering 

16oz. Small Batched Raw Organic Cold-Pressed Juscriptions 

  • iAm a Palate Cleanser 

  • iAm a Juice Box Lover 

  • iAm a Variety Pack

  • iAm a Juice Pro

  • iAm Before Vacation 

  • iAm After Vacation 

  • iAm Balanced 

A 30-minute Consultation

30-min. Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (Wellthy Talk Therapy)

3 Personalized Health Plans 

  • iAm Personalized 

  • iAm Retained 

  • iAm Performing 

28-Day Personalized Supplement Kits (iAm PMS)

Concierge Personal Shopping Services  

  • Culinary & Wellness Product Shopping 

  • Energy Frequency & Chakra Product Shopping 

  • Floral & Herbal Shopping 

  • At Home Bar Curation & Shopping  


 Your Personal Benefits

  • Personalized care: The program is tailored to your individual needs and goals.

  • Flexibility: You can make changes to the plan as needed.

  • Sustainability: The plan is designed to be realistic and sustainable for the long term.

  • Improvement Areas:  Stress, Energy Levels, Inflammation Shrinking, Better Sleep, Stronger Immune System, Improved Lab Work, Detoxification, Digestive System and Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Strengthen Confidence: You will learn how to listen to your body and make healthy choices for yourself.

  • Reclaim Your Empowerment: You will gain the confidence and self-efficacy to take control of your health and well-being.


 What You Learn

  • How to Increase Confidence and Self-Efficacy in Your Ability to Care for Yourself. 

  • How to Tailor and Build a Sustainable Solution-driven Health Plan for Your Eating Pattern based on Your Unique Needs and Goals (bio-individuality)

  • How to Identify Your Unique Internal Cues, Nutritional Needs, and Any Deficiencies 

  • How to Navigate Barriers and Find Success 

& More 

How it Works

  1. Complete Pre-Appointment Form 

  2. Book Consultation

  3. Pick a Plan

  4. Finalize and Accept Terms & Conditions

  5. Follow Ups, if Applicable

Are You Ready to Activate Your Power? 

Healthy Diet

Be Self-ish

 Reclaim Your Time!

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