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An African-American woman ready to take on the world, overcome obstacles, and manifest her dreams while wearing comfortable and fashionable athleisure attire.

i Am


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An educated african american woman embodying style fashion and grace

A Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who transforms taste buds and health experiences, one individual at a time.


While feeling the effects of career burnout, I was constantly looking for ways to boost my energy levels. I noticed that when I ate fresh fruit and vegetables for lunch, my energy levels would increase significantly. This led me to search for more optimal and palatable solutions to fuel my active lifestyle.


In 2017, I founded The Fruit Stand LA, a mobile health and wellness brand that quickly gained popularity thanks to the support of my close friends and relationships I cultivated in the corporate and entertainment sectors. I launched my business as a mobile pop-up, offering organic cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, and produce bowls that were both refreshing and accessible.

It began as a mobile pop-up offering organic cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, and produce bowls that were both, refreshing and accessible. It was an instant success and created a buzz that developed strategic brand partnerships with CBS Studios, Equinox Sports Club, D’usseand more. Additionally, consumers expressed a huge interest in my services on how to extend their health goals. 


In the Summer of 2020, I earned my certification as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. 


During the global pandemic, I began laying the groundwork for Self-ish, a concierge nutritional therapy program. I offered curated nutritional therapy services to NBA Houston Rocket Jalen Green, Grammy Nominated Meek Mill, Multiple Award-Winning Actress Sherri Shephard, and World-Renowned Actor and Comedian Cedric the Entertainer, who hosted the 73rd Primetime EMMY Awards, among many others.


Get to know Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Chanti Randolph

Continuing my education, in the summer of 2023, I was awarded an additional certification from Harvard Medical School in Designing Sustainable Nutritional Plans, furthering my expertise in the field of health and wellness. 

My approach to nutrition is both innovative and groundbreaking. It encompasses both tailored and performance nutrition for any athlete, and it reinforces self-awareness and preventive healthcare. I am committed to lifestyle medicine and optimizing the quality of life according to your individual standards. 

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an arbiter of taste

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